Mixing Guide

Ready to Vape.

All our eliquids are supplied premixed and ready to vape.
This means you do not have to add PG or VG. 

Shake thoroughly before use and enjoy.


Adding nicotine to Five Ten Liquids.

Please note: We do not sell liquids containing nicotine.

If you live in an area where nicotine is legal, 

you can add nicotine to our liquids quickly and easily.

Calculate your desired nicotine level.

Add measured amount into your bottle using a syringe. 

Shake thoroughly to mix.



Although steeping is not always necessary, it occurs after nicotine is added to eliquid. After adding nicotine, shake thoroughly to mix the liquid and let it sit overnight to allow the flavors to blend and develop if required. 

Creams, custards or bakery style juices can take longer to steep than fruit blends.

How Much Nicotine Do I Add?

What strength do you vape? (mg)

How strong is your liquid nicotine? (mg)

What size is your bottle? (ml)

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